Student Government

How Does Student Government at RBS Work?

RBGA is the official student government at RBS New Brunswick / Piscataway. RBGA works to promote student interests, allocate the business portion of the student activities fee to RBS/RBGA affiliated organizations, and represent the students of RBS to faculty, staff, and administration, as well as on external governing bodies. Learn more about RBGA here.

Parts of RBGA

The body of the whole consists of two main components: the Executive Board and the Assembly. While the body may vote to approve actions during general meetings, most of the work happens, or at least originates, in committees. Depending on the committee, public members may get involved as appointed chairpersons or committee members.

What Positions Exist?

To learn more about types of members and when elections and appointments take place, go to the Membership Page. The Assembly and Board pages detail what positions exist, and what positions are filled by whom. Additional positions under the body exist on various committees. Actively engaged public members can discuss with the Vice President the possibility of joining committees during the semester.