Governing Documents


Resources & Publications
Below are resources and publications provided for public viewing. To verify that the resources below are up to date, please consult with the Secretary. Among the resources provided are governing documents and rules along with select reports, resolutions, and/or other legislation formally adopted by the body.

The RBGA Constitution
The Constitution is the primary governing document of the body. It establishes the framework for RBGA, including which positions exist, and the rights and responsibilities of each of the positions. The Constitution ratified by the body via a referendum.

Standing Rules of Order
The Standing Rules of Order is the secondary governing document of the body, which delineates the powers and responsibilities of all positions of the body, along with how business is conducted by the body, and how meetings are run. It also establishes the standing committees and how ad hoc committees are created.

Election Rules
The Election Rules govern the process by which internally elected positions are selected as well as provide guidance and a timeline for external elections during the fall.

Allocation Rules
The Allocation Rules govern how the Allocations Committee appropriates student fees to business organizations and how such organizations can use such funds. For example, these rules govern what activities and items cannot be funded or the extent to which such items are funded.

Codified Legislative Reference
The Codified Legislative Reference (CLR) contains legislation enacted by the body, which govern certain functions of the body. This page is being updated, so the Secretary should be contacted for the up to date documents.

Select Resolutions & Other Legislation
Below are a handful of legislation passed by the body, be they those that dictate RBGA related functions or express opinions to the administration or other bodies at Rutgers on behalf of the student body.

Resolution to Support the Creation of a Coffeehouse in the Business Building (2014)

Resolution to Support Having Class Year Academic Advisors (2014)

Resolution in Support of Programs to Increase Voter Engagement and Turnout (2016)

Resolution to Encourage the Business School Administration to Reform Career Fair Dress Code Policy (2017)

Resolution to Promote Student Voter Participation (2017)