Elections & Appointments

Types of Members

The body of the whole consists of the Board and the Assembly. All Executive Board members are elected internally. The Assembly consists of a combination of elected and appointed members who represent their constituencies on the body. All undergraduate students in RBS New Brunswick are considered public members. Public members are able to attend public meetings, and public members are often able to join committees.

Internally Elected Positions

Most Executive Board positions and some Committee Chair positions are elected directly by the body during the Spring. Some others are nominated and are subject to confirmation by the body. Such elections are lead by an Elections Committee consisting of outgoing seniors, who facilitate the elections process. The Executive Board then assumes their roles during the Spring Leadership Summit, while the outgoing Board maintain their roles for ceremonial purposes, such as senior graduation.

Fall Assembly Elections

Several positions on the Assembly are elected in the Fall by their respective constituencies in the Business School. The Executive Board and other approved volunteers, serving as the Elections Committee, facilitate the external elections process. Eligible students will receive information via the school mailing lists explaining how prospective candidates must fill out their Declaration of Intent Forms. Information Sessions will usually be held to provide more information about what RBGA is, what it does, and how to run in elections. Students can expect to receive this information either at the end of summer or during the beginning of September. Elections generally take place online, so all eligible students can authenticate their electronic ballots with their Rutgers NetID and cast their votes. Ballot information will be sent out electronically to all eligible students along with information about the period in which students may cast votes.

Spring Appointments

Certain Assembly positions along with membership on some committees are appointed near the end of the spring semester. Information will generally be disseminated to all students in the school, although attending meetings is the best way to find out about appointment procedures. Such appointments are separate from the confirmation process for internally elected positions and are handled solely by the incoming Executive Board.