About Committees

Standing Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Official Committees of RBGA

Committees serve a vital role of within RBGA. Committees consist of voting members, and often appointed public members, who work to recommend actions to the body or to execute tasks assigned by the body. As such, committee work is an important part of student government. Most work either originates in, or is carried out, or both, by committees.

Types of Committees

Of the committees officially chartered by the body, either as codified in legislation or as dictated by resolution, there exist two types: Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees. Standing Committees exist from year to year and have general, permanent charges, or assignments, on which those committees work. Ad Hoc Committees are generally assigned a specific charge, upon the competition of which, the committee will typically dissolve, although such charges may be renewed or take a while to fulfill.

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is charged with evaluating matters concerning student life, academics, and any other issue concerning the students of the business school, except where such areas are assigned to another committee.

  • Daren Ha, President & Co-Chairman
  • Aneesh Deshpande, Chief of Staff & Co-Chairman
  • Austin Altman, External Representative & Committee Member
  • Shaina Bhatt, Junior Representative & Committee Member
  • Harry Cross, Management Representative & Committee Member
  • Mohini Patel, External Representative & Committee Member
  • Austin Schlessinger, Sophomore Representative & Committee Member
  • Amber Zakai, External Representative & Committee Member
  • Harini Mekala, Public Committee Member
  • Geetam Patchigolla, Public Committee Member
  • Arman Singh, Public Committee Member

Allocations Committee

The Allocations Committee is charged with reviewing all financial matters related to RBGA, preparing the RBGA budget, and allocating the student activities fee to business organizations in accordance with allocations rules enacted by the body.

  • Rebecca Shilman, Treasurer & Chairwoman
  • Anthony Corujo, Finance Representative & Committee Member
  • Neli Gireg, Accounting Representative & Committee Member
  • Payal Kaur, Finance Representative & Committee Member
  • Dante Intindola, External Representative & Committee Member
  • Hasin Tasneem, External Representative & Committee Member
  • Priyanka Bansal, Public Committee Member
  • Baldeep Kaur, Public Committee Member
  • Hinita Patel, Public Committee Member
  • Shruty Shrestha, Public Committee Member
  • Aditya Venkatesh, Public Committee Member

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is charged with managing RBGA's social media in order to promote RBGA business, including opinions and functions approved by the body.

  • Danielle Sergerholm, Co-Chairwoman
  • Shruty Shrestha, Co-Chairwoman
  • Dumini Athalage, Appointed Public Committee Member
  • Pooja Patel, Appointed Public Committee Member
  • James Seymour, Appointed Public Committee Member
  • Aditya Venkatesh, Appointed Public Committee Member

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is charged with publishing summaries of the business and functions taken by the body over a regular period of time and to promote such report to RBGA stakeholders who request copies.

  • Laura Del Pizo, Chairwoman
  • Alana Bennett, Appointed Public Committee Member
  • Dolly Maharaja, Appointed Public Committee Member

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is charged with reviewing and proposing revisions of the amended Constitution, the Standing Rules of Order, the Election Rules, and the Allocations Rules for consideration by the body.

  • Nicholas Tharney, Parliamentarian & Chairman Ex Officio
  • Kelly McNaughton, Senior Representative & Committee Member
  • Ronald Anderson, Public Committee Member
  • Tiraza Bhote, Public Committee Member
  • Riddhi Jain, Public Committee Member
  • Leo Shteynberg, Public Committee Member
  • Michael Wang, Public Committee Member

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee is charged with fostering a positive relationship between RBGA and the broader community as a whole.

  • Shivani Kurpati, Chairwoman
  • Zachary Bell, Accounting Representative & Committee Member
  • Erika La Monaca, Sophomore Representative & Committee Member
  • Bhawana Rathore, BAIT Representative & Committee Member
  • Adriana Sandoval, Supply Chain Representative & Committee Member
  • Shreya Shirodkar, Junior Representative & Committee Member
  • Anushree Sikchi, BAIT Representative & Committee Member
  • Kyle Gordon, Public Committee Member
  • Sarah Williams, Public Committee Member
  • Nicholas Wong, Public Committee Member

Apparel Committee

The Apparel Committee is charged with managing the sale of RBS merchandise for fundraising purposes in keeping with such a long-standing tradition.

  • John Pizzuto, Vice President & Chairman
  • Christopher Alvarado, Supply Chain Representative & Committee Member
  • Preethi Murthy, Marketing Representative & Committee Member
  • Sarah Pomeranz, Management Representative & Committee Member
  • Dana Schwartz, Marketing Representative & Committee Member
  • Dumini Athalage, Public Committee Member
  • Alana Bennett, Public Committee Member
  • Rajul Bothra, Public Committee Member
  • Laura Del Pizzo, Public Committee Member
  • Dolly Maharaja, Public Committee Member
  • Pooja Patel, Public Committee Member
  • Danielle Sergerholm, Public Committee Member